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Nanoscience Metrology Facility

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

H& S Plumbing and Heating provided all the mechanical construction on this 26,000 square foot addition to the existing Jorgensen Physical Science Building. This project also included approximately 5000 square feet of tenant finish in the existing building. The three story addition houses Nanoscience Laboratories. These laboratories contain research equipment that is very sensitive to vibration. To protect the research equipment all new mechanical installations were required to be installed with vibration and sound isolation.

Mechanical Project Cost

$ 5.3 M

General Contractor

Sampson Construction



  • Central Station Air Handling Units, Energy Recovery and Exhaust Systems

  • Variable Volume Terminal Units with Hot Water Reheat

  • Supply and Return Duct Systems

  • Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems

  • Steam and Condensate Piping

  • Chilled Water and Heating Hot Water Systems

  • Ultra Pure Water Systems

  • Process Chilled Water Systems

  • Lab Air, Vacuum and Gas

  • ISO 7 Clean Room

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